Monday, January 31, 2011

Totally took a walk

So, I think my paranoia is lessening a little bit. I managed to sleep last night without any nightmares. And today I even took a walk near the river. Which doesn't seem all that scary until you realize that it's about three miles of creepy spindly trees. Oh, and I passed a playground. However, there were no Slendy sightings whatsoever, so I am happy as a corn nut. Which I assume is pretty happy.

I didn't go on a walk to purposely creep myself out. It goes back to Jensen Falls again. This show really is my baby. And Jensen Falls isn't a real town, but I getparts of it from everywhere I've been. Rachel's house is in D.C., Jonah's is in California.  And the parkway that I walk down has about twelve billion locations. I think it's because on one side is a river, and wilderness, and all that. But on the other side, you've got a thriving city. Well, it used to be thriving. My home town's kind of dead now. But that was really why I took the walk. It's almost like I'm in Jensen falls when I'm down there.

I sort of hate this town. It's a giant decay pit that steals souls. But I'll miss the parkway. My mom got me a plane ticket, and I'm moving to D.C. in eleven days. That was way fast of her. But I am going to be glad to get out of this place. Then again, D.C. has a lot of trees. I'm not out the woods just yet.

Ha! pun.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Characters of Jensen Falls

I figured since I'm going to be blogging about this doohickey, I should at the very least tell people about the characters. Because it seems like a good place to start. Alright, on to the peoples.

Jonah Barnes:

Runs around in a trenchcoat and fedora. Occasionally speaks like he's in a noir film. Has watched far too many episodes of the X files. Jonah's played by David, and may or may not have been based on him *cough*. It was kind of funny, actually. Whenever I write for Jonah, I get his voice in my head. He's terribly distinctive and I was sort of thinking that I'd ever be able to find someone who could do it properly. Then I let David read some of what I wrote out loud. He matched the voice perfectly. Every pitch change, every pause. It was eerie. So, Jonah is the main character. And despite being a total nerd, he's actually a good detective.

Rachel Montgomery:

Survived a car accident that resulted in the death of her parents. Musical prodigy. Where all of Jonah's common sense must have found a hiding place. I haven't found anyone to play Rachel, and that might be because she's so complicated. She's seen a lot of death, which has left her morbid and a little broken. But she manages to be practical and courageous, usually in time to save Jonah from something. I put this character through hell, but I think she's my second favorite.

Cole...... yeah, just Cole:

Cole is a vampire. And he acts like a vampire. Well, if your definition of acting like a vampire is being a smug jerk that even when he's helping manages to piss you off. Which for me it is. He's played by my boyfriend Bryan, and is sort of more his character than mine. Which is cool with me. Although it does mean I have to check every once in a while to make sure that Cole would actually say something.


Probably the most normal out of everyone. Perky in the face of adversity. Died in the same accident that took Rachel's parents. She's not played by anyone so far, but I was watching the new american version of Being Human, and that ghost is a lot like Ruby is. They stole my ghost from my brain, it's totally not fair. Ruby is often the voice of reason, especially when Rachel has one of her occasional meltdowns. I'm not sure why my most normal character is a ghost, but I'll totally go with it.

Genevieve Clyde:

The youngest character out of the cast. Leads a glee club that meets in the sewers. A little too nosy for her own good. Vaguely inspired by a girl in our theatre troupe. Genny's.... awesome. And complicated. And awesome. And I can't really say much else about her.

Ms. Williams:

Doubles as coroner and mortician. Is secretly a guardian of humanity. Way too overworked. She's played by a friend of mine named Lucy, when I realized that Ms. Williams was picking up some of her speech patterns. She's a side character, and often given the expositon. But don't mess with her, because she can seriously kick your ass.

The clerk:

He owns an occult book store. His twin runs the comic shop. That is all.


My favorite character. Too bad he's only in third season on and I barely finished the pilot. He's a werewolf. And a pretty nice guy. Until he decides he likes you, and then he goes all jerkface 'for your protection.' Yeah..... I love him anyway.

Introduction and explaining the name

So, I love David to pieces. He's one of my best friends ever and pretty much fantastic. But I can't help but be a little mad at him lately. Hence this blog. At least he's a good enough sport about it. He totally admits that it's his fault, and he kinda sorta apologized at one point. But still. Thanks to him I'm even more of an insomniac then I used to be.

So why am I so mad at him? Because he introduced me to the slender man.

I am not going to illuminate my nonexitistant audience with who the slender man is. They can use google. Although I will say that he is absolutely terrifying. Seriously. I haven't had a nightmare for months, and now I've had one for three nights in a row.

It started out innocently enough. David, me, and my boyfriend Bryan are kind of working on a television show. Kind of because I haven't actually finished writing a script yet. However, we talk about it all the time and it's sort of a thing around us. So a few days ago David IMs me and tells me that he's working on a slender man episode. And of course I just had to ask what a slender man is.

Cat, consider yourself slain.

So, I'm going to break away from Slendy talk and total mind melting horror to introduce myself. Should these two parts be flipped? Whatever. I go by a lot of names. And I'm not just saying that. I have the name my parents gave me, the name my friends call me, and my internet name. And those are just the ones I use regularly. I have decided that I'm making a new name for this blog, so I can keep everything straight in my head. So you can call me A.J.

I am 21 years old, an extreme geek, and very very random. I would tell you where I live, but I don't really know myself at the moment. A series of events has got me bouncing from place to place.


No wonder I didn't start with this. Introductions are hard. It'd be so much easier to just talk about Jensen Falls. Actually, I'm going to do that.

Jensen Falls is that TV show I was talking about, and will be the subject of this blog if Slendy doesn't decide to drive me insane. The show is also David's fault, but more because he's awesome than anything else. It's a quirky little detective series about a high schooler who has a paranormal detective agency. I like to describe it to people as a noir buffy. I did finish the pilot, but then the computer it was on died. It was sad.

So, readers that aren't actually real. Totally keep an eye on this page. Because I try not to be boring. And I like people. And stuff.