Monday, January 31, 2011

Totally took a walk

So, I think my paranoia is lessening a little bit. I managed to sleep last night without any nightmares. And today I even took a walk near the river. Which doesn't seem all that scary until you realize that it's about three miles of creepy spindly trees. Oh, and I passed a playground. However, there were no Slendy sightings whatsoever, so I am happy as a corn nut. Which I assume is pretty happy.

I didn't go on a walk to purposely creep myself out. It goes back to Jensen Falls again. This show really is my baby. And Jensen Falls isn't a real town, but I getparts of it from everywhere I've been. Rachel's house is in D.C., Jonah's is in California.  And the parkway that I walk down has about twelve billion locations. I think it's because on one side is a river, and wilderness, and all that. But on the other side, you've got a thriving city. Well, it used to be thriving. My home town's kind of dead now. But that was really why I took the walk. It's almost like I'm in Jensen falls when I'm down there.

I sort of hate this town. It's a giant decay pit that steals souls. But I'll miss the parkway. My mom got me a plane ticket, and I'm moving to D.C. in eleven days. That was way fast of her. But I am going to be glad to get out of this place. Then again, D.C. has a lot of trees. I'm not out the woods just yet.

Ha! pun.

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