Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dreams, Blogs, and Ulterior motives

So much for not being scared. Then again, reading Seeking Truth at midnight probably has something to do with that. These blogs are just way too interesting.

However, they do sort of terrify the shit out of me. It's not just the story though. I mean, the story's spooky enough, but what it does to my mind is awful. You see, I'm not exactly what some people call neurotypical. My brain works in weird ways, and while this is a very vernacular term, sometimes it's a gullible idiot. Once my sister actually convinced me that I didn't exist. It was one of the scariest days of my life, and when my parents came home I was crying in a corner asking them over and over if they could see me.

Yeah, my sister's not very nice.

So Slender man has gotten into my head. And since my brain believes everything it's told, part of me believes it. Which anyone who is familiar with the myth knows is a great way to attract it. And it's been taking a bunch of my childhood nightmares and putting a slender spin on things. Like when I was a kid, I had a lot of tentacle like dreams. There was one when a guy came out of a portrait and strangled me with a purple shadow arm thing. Another one I remember had people in the distance waving at me with weird smokelike arms.

When I was in high school, I remember having a terribly vivid nightmare about someone who I called 'the purple man'. He wore a dark purple pinstripe suit with a matching hat. He was also stick thin, and had no face. And he.... actually, I have no idea what he did. Just that it was scary. I was about seven years ago, after all. I remember writing a really creepy poem about it, but most likely it's in a rubbish bin in Montana or something.

It's sort of funny how the color purple seemed to feature a lot. It brings me to the conclusion that I'm being stalked by this:

Jokes aside, I think this myth is really getting to me. And nothing that spooky has even happened. Which makes me feel like I should explain a bit more about why I made this blog.

Partially, it's because I really want to make Jensen Falls.

The thing is, I work better when people are interested. So I thought I'd make a blog, draw the slenderfans in, and maybe they stick around and support me churning out the story. There is gonna be a slender man episode, after all. I mean, what does a slightly humorous paranormal whodunnit need? That's right, PURE TERROR.

So, if people do read this, yeah I'm kinda using you. Sorry? Please don't leave me? I'll give you cookies.

And there is the fact that I really, seriously, despite all  scientific and practical knowledge that I have, believe in the slender man. And if this myth does drive me loopy, whether his fault or my own gullible brain's, I want someone to hear about it. I don't just want to be forgotten.

Will this turn into a slender blog? Hell if I know. I don't think I'd be all that good at faking insanity. So I won't fake it. Things will happen as they happen. Please be more interested in my tv show than my demise. Although given my ability to procrastinate, both things are about as likely to occur.

On a final note, I was trying to keep profanity out of this blog. In this post, I swore twice.

Ah, fuck it.


  1. That picture of Slender-barney made me laugh. I even shared it with some friends, because it made everything much lighter. :)

  2. Why thank you!

    I was totally going to say more, but couldn't think of anything.

  3. I'm glad it made you laugh, because it terrified the bejeeus out of me!