Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In which there are fires

I feel like I should start this off by saying that no one's hurt or dead or anything. There was fire, but everyone's ok. So you don't have to wait around wondering if anybody died or something. Because they didn't. Some creepy stuff did happen though.

I probably should have realized something was going on when the voices stopped. But I was so busy being completely overjoyed that my head was quiet for once that I didn't really think about it. The voices in my head are driving me crazy (huh. Never imagined I'd ever need to use that line). It's like Tenitis, always there and bugging the hell out of me. So when it stopped, the silence was all I really focused on. However, a few minutes after they stopped, a person came into my work, asked me for a glass of water, then stepped back outside.

I went outside with the water to find a burning tree. It wasn't completely engulfed or anything, but I could see some flames at the base of the tree and some smoke billowing off it. I just stood there staring at it until somebody took the water from me and put the tree out. I'm a huge help in a crisis.

Before I went back into work, I looked around. He was hard to find at first. I'm not sure how something so striking can fade into the background as easily as he can, but I never truly see him all the way at first. He sneaks up on me despite standing still, as if I can only see him when he wishes me to. He looked at me for a quick moment and then he was gone. Someone had put the fire out, and the voices started to come back.

Can't say I was the best worker for the rest of the day. I'll admit, I was kinda freaked out. I know it was a small thing and everything, but that didn't seem to matter. And things just got worse from there. When I got off work, I discovered that Charles had left a voice mail.

Apparently there had been a fire at Anya's school. If I have it all worked out in my head right, it wasn't very long after my own fire. It only took out a couple classrooms, but it was a fire nonetheless. I talked to Anya about it afterwards. She said that it was after school had cleared out so there weren't many people around but she was only about twenty feet or so from the building when it started. He was there, though I hadn't really expected anything else. A handful of kids were injured too, but no serious wounds or fatalities so I doubt it will make big news.

And apparently Llorona (I've been spelling it wrong this whole time) disappeared. She was supposed to be walking Anya home from school today since I was at work. Usually she's a dependable person, though I'm a tad jealous of her because Anya seems to like her more than me. So I thought that something bad had happened to her. Charles didn't seem to think it was a big deal though, and said that Llorona just gets emotional about fires, especially at schools. If she ends up being ok I'll have to ask her about that. But it did mean that Anya was alone at my house for several hours, and I really hate doing that to her.

Also, Charles called me a bit later and told me that he had been talking to Lazarus about the fire. Due to him actually doing things now, Lazarus thinks that they need to do... whatever they're doing faster. And since Llorona is nowhere to be found, they said I could tag along. I have an address, we're doing something tomorrow. Maybe they'll bother to let me know what the hell is going on.

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