Monday, February 21, 2011

AJ's search for gainful employment. Or any employment.

So, I have been posting really short little blurbs lately. And I would probably feel really bad about that if there were more than five people who read this thing. Or even just five. But as it is, I'm really not sweating it. Although I do feel the need to explain myself. Mostly it's just been that I've moved to a new place and I'm trying to adjust and mom and I are hanging out ALL THE TIME lately. Which I don't really mind, because she takes me to happy hours and buys me drinks. But it does mean I don't have much time to randomly spout out thoughts to the vastness of the internet.

I have also been looking for a job. Which will be interesting to say the least. I'm not a bad employee or anything, but the whole application process baffles me. And I suck at interviews. Like, I applied for Bucca di Beppo's the other day and...

Actually, let's try something different! I'm going to write a script about this.

Manager: So, have you ever worked at a resturaunt before?

Me: No.

Manager: (doesn't looked thrilled but continues with the interview) What are three of your strengths?

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Manager: We can come back to that. What are some of your weaknesses?

Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

Manager: We can come back to that too. What do you look for in a job aside from money?

Me: Oh lots of things. Like, I look to find a place whose philosophies I agree with. And a place I'm familiar with, and is friendly, and I can get a job where I can focus a lot. That's a strength of mine, I can focus really well. I can multitask too, though. I multitask all the time on my computer... though I probably shouldn't have said that.
(I go on like this for about ten minutes)

Manager: Ok then. Well, your forms will take a few days to process but then we'll call you to set up a second interview.

Me: Ohcoolawesomehooray.

So it was much longer than that and I was a little more professional with my answers (though not by much), but that gives a pretty good synopsis of my wonderful job interview.

Oh, and I dragged a stick home. It's not in my house or anything, but I carried it a few blocks and left it just outside our apartment building. I was pretending it was an arm of mine and fantasizing about following children and going 'rawr, I'm the slender man!' but even I know that a parent would probably call the cops and that would be very bad. And it probably wasn't what mom calls a 'socially acceptable behavior'. I'm working on that and everything, but I still do strange things sometimes. Like haul a stick around D.C. just because I wanted to.

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