Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A post full of Slender

Alright. My horror of the slender man is more or less on the slow side. So do you know what that means?

Marble Hornets.

So, I don't know if I'm going to get to any of it today. Or even tomorrow. I'm moving to D.C. in about a week, so I have to get all of my stuff together. Which is hard. I really wish Mom had given me more time. But it was a good deal apparently, and my mom can't really turn down a deal. At all. So speed moving, hurrah! I don't really like change, so it's freaking me out. But hey, what can you do?

Apparently, I can procrastinate by reading slender blogs. I told you I'm good at that. First thing, I discovered that not only is Zeke Strahm not dead, but he's got most of his marbles. Well, more than fifty percent of them. This is pretty much the best news I've had this whole week. Is it pathetic that I'm this invested in the wellfare of someone I don't know who may or may not exist? Well, I am. And for a second I thought that he had gone insane and all slendy minion on us. Yeah, I thought for a moment that the guy who finally decided to stand up to slender man had gone so bonkers that he was serving the other side now.  Wouldn't that be totally fucked up? Still, it sounds like something He'd do, so watch your mind Zeke. Seriously. I think you're awesome and want to give you a hug.

Ok, so that last thought would probably be a bad idea.

I also read 'The Tutorial'. M annoys me. He says 1 instead of one. It bothers me to no end. Aside from that, I don't think I have that much of a problem with him. Well, except some of his theories seem... odd? I mean, would staying high really do anything? May I never need to find out.

Ok, I'm really going to go do that packing thing.

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  1. Yeah, some of the stuff in the Tutorial didn't sit right with me. I was most bothered by M saying the Slenderman is Dumb. I don't agree. *shrug*