Thursday, February 24, 2011

I feel awesome!

So, while I haven't really been saying it I've been having a bit of an issue with slowly sinking into a giant pit of awful depression. But today, I got out of that and I intend to stay that way for a while. Why? Well, because I actually did stuff.

I know, that sounds silly. But it helped a bundle. Accomplishment is the best pick-me-up known to man. Finally being able to access your bank accounts is probably also up there. I had been agonizing over my account issues for a while, but I fixed them today. Which is completely awesome. And I applied for a couple more jobs which will hopefully hire me.

And I talked to Theresa

I guess I should probably clarify that last part. You see, I used to babysit a kid named Anya back when I lived in California. Her mom Theresa and my mom were friends, as well as friends with another mother of a girl I babysat. It was a whole social circle thing. However, Anya and her mom moved out of California a year or two before I did. Guess where?

That's right, D.C.

Given that I am completely incapable of being friends with people my own age, I hit it off pretty well with both Theresa and Anya. So when I moved out here, I sort of looked forward to seeing both of them. I haven't yet. But in my wave accomplishment I actually called Theresa's number. We're on for Saturday, and I'm excited. Yes, I'm excited to hang out with a ten year old girl and her mother. It's gonna be awesome.

P.S. while I'm not normally careful with changing my friends' names, I took the time to do so for Theresa and Anya. Why? Because Anya's ten. David and Bryan are not only ridiculously common names, but they can take care of themselves. And really, I don't feel like I even need to tell you that it's not their real names, and yet I am. Go figure.

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