Friday, February 4, 2011

Lots of rambling, and the truth about my brain

So, a lot has happened in the space between blog posts. I have about half of my stuff packed up, I got in a fight with my dad, I resolved it without it degrading into a yelling fit (bit of a rarity for me) and watched all of Marble Hornets. Every Man Hybrid too. That was not good for my sleeping schedule.


-Trees (given)
-A vacuum cleaner
-My dad (he's tall)
-My computer monitor
-A guitar case
-Me (stupid mirror)

I am also to the point of obsession where I can't talk about anything aside from Slender Man. I do this sometimes and I feel really bad about it. Mostly because I imagine it's very boring for anyone talking to me. But I will pour on and on about Slendy to anyone who bothers to listen to me. David's probably getting the worst of this, though Bryan gets it second. I've started sending warning IMs whenever we start a conversation. Mostly just a little blurb like, "By the way I'm still obsessed."

I hate that my mind latches on to things like this occasionally. I mean, if I was able to stop I probably would. But right now Slender man and Jensen Falls are pretty much the only things that are running through my head. I can't think of anything else, it's a physical incapability. I've had phases like this before, of course. Obsession is just part of my life.Roller coasters, rocks, Tim Burton Movies, different types of hats, D&D, Bioshock, Hockey, Musicals, Oscars history, Prime numbers, Joss Whedon shows, the solar system, and Star Wars have all been things that I couldn't stop talking about at one point or the other. It is part of my weird brain.

One of my viewers already knows this (heya David), but for that one other reader's information, and any other random guy who somehow bumps into this blog, me saying that my brain works differently is not hyperbole. I have a learning disability called Asperger's Syndrome. It's on the autistic spectrum. This usually gives people the wrong impression, because most people think of Autism as people who can barely speak or function. The truth is, Autism is pretty darn different from person to person, and I am on the extremely high functioning end of the thing. A lot of people can't even really tell that I have it.

I do though, and it occasionally ends up making my life difficult. Like the fact that lately I can't open my mouth without talking about a faceless man in a business suit. Not only does it not really win me friends, but it's just making me more and more paranoid.

Woah... I just neurologically outed myself on the internet. This is a really weird feeling.

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  1. I think about our tall friend a lot too.

    I've had all sorts of fun obsessions over the years, so don't feel alone. :3

    On the note of Asperger's Syndrome, I met someone a year ago or so in a creative writing class with it. She was a brilliant writer, and it wasn't until she told us she had it that we realized she was any different from the rest of us.

    ...I think I had intended to make a point with this. I don't remember now. :(