Saturday, March 19, 2011

In which I actually see my house

In case anyone noticed, my layout did in fact change. I was talking to a guy about my blog, and he said that it was a bit bright. So now I'm playing around with it. I admit, I just slapped something together before. I kind of like what I have right now. Of course, it might still be a bit bright. I'm bad at that sort of thing.

The quote now in my description is from Walt Whitman, apparently. I'm not really that cultured or anything. I just hang around Dupont Circle a lot, and that quote (more of it too, but it didn't fit) is on the entrance to the Metro. I've always liked it. And my title seemed a little lonely.

So, Theresa does work a bit on Sunday, but she has Saturdays off, so I actually went home today. And talked to my mother, who I missed. And did the laundry, which I didn't miss. But it was sort of nice getting away from all the babysitting and intrigue. I'm still worried about Anya, and I'm still spinning conspiracy theories in my head. But ultimately, I liked being able to forget about it for a little. Does that make me a bad person? I don't know.

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