Thursday, March 10, 2011

In which I'm caught wifin

Ok, so Theresa might end up being a little mad with me. Not enough to stop giving me a job, but she'll probably be kind of angry for a while. I might get yelled at.

So, to start from the beginning I'm at Theresa's house, waiting for her to get home. Thursdays are usually her not too late night, but there was an event or something at the bar she works at, so I get to stay here AND friday. It's like a sleep over only I get paid for it. I mean, I'll probably go out job hunting tomorrow while Anya's at school, but Theresa's house is sort of my base of operations for a few days. That's not the bad part.

The bad part is that I was goofing off on my laptop while Anya and I were watching Despicable Me. I am kind of a multitasker. Even with the movie, I had like twelve tabs up. So, I go to the bathroom, and when I come back Anya's looking at stuff on my laptop. I shouldn't be that surprised, she's done junk like this before. But of all the tabs that she's looking at, she just had to look at the tab I had up that showed the original slender man photos.

I just got her to bed, she was that freaked out. And I can't really blame her. Those photos did that to me, and I'm eleven years older than her. So I did what I could to alleviate the Scary. I told her about how the Slender Man originated, let her view some of an interview with Victor Surge, and showed her some of the photoshop techniques that could be used to make it.

This probably seems like a weird tactic to use, but Anya was really scared. And one of the scariest things is the unknown.  So if you take away all that mystery, the fear tends to evaporate. At least, that was what I was thinking. It seemed to work. We ended up having some interesting conversations about Him, too. This is a badly paraphrased version of one of my favorite parts:

Anya: So, he's like the pied piper?
Me: What?
Anya: The pied piper. You know, he lures children away and no one ever sees them again?
Me: Yeah, I guess he kind of is. I hadn't really thought about that.
Anya: So... has anyone tried paying him? (I burst out laughing at this point) What?
Me: It's just, there's this parody about slender man that all he really wants is twenty dollars. You know what? I'll show you.

And I did. Actually, I showed her a ton of parodies. I think she knows more of those now than the actual mythos. Which is good, because I think that this sort of stuff is a little too intense for her. It's a little too intense for me sometimes. I'm just glad Anya's a smart kid so that I could logic it through like that. Otherwise it would have been a long night.

Then again, it still might be. I hate this coat rack.

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