Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In which Spring Break gives me more money

Spring break started for Anya today, which means that instead  of job hunting I was hanging out with her while her mother worked. I think Theresa would normally just let her stay by herself, but given the circumstances I have made a sort of semi-permanent home on their couch. The police came over today, as well as a weird guy in a brown coat. They introduced him as Charles somethingorother, but aside from that he just lurked in a corner and looked spooky. Since this whole mess is because Anya saw something spooky, I'm not really sure why he was there. It just freaked everybody out.

Anya's got it the worst, which makes sense. She seems afraid to leave the house, and had a pretty bad nightmare last night about black walls which rose out of the ground, the feeling of being surrounded by the dead, and her sister turning into a doll.

Apparently, what woke her up was the realization that she doesn't have a sister. Funny how dreams are.

I think I'm going to shove her out of the house at some point. I mean, I don't want her to play in alleyways or anything, but going over to a friend's house seems like a better alternative to sitting in her room being scared of trees.

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