Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In which things get worse

I was going to post Sunday. I was going to post Monday too. But posting's been a bit far from my mind. And nothing sudden has happened. It's all just started to slowly decline. Everything that's happened in these past three days wasn't really a surprise. There were signs everywhere. I just only saw them once they got really obvious.

For one thing, I'm writing this at my house. I haven't been to Anya's house since Sunday. Then again, neither has Anya. She's been spending time over here while her mother deals with some things. I really hate to talk bad about Theresa because I really like her. So I won't. You really don't need to know her story. Just know that people deal with stress differently. The way Theresa deals with it just often leads to more problems. Mom's been checking in with her, so she'll probably be ok.

The whole thing with her mom hasn't been helping Anya, though. She hasn't told me about seeing anyone any more, but she doesn't really talk a lot. She just sits around and draws. And yeah, the drawings are pretty creepy. I mean, it's not standard 'SEES ME' junk or anything, but the pied piper in some of her drawings has a few too many arms. The pictures are creepy, but the silence is worse. This girl used to talk my ear off and run around in circles and throw mud at me (ok, so that only happened once). Now, she barely says anything.

I'm trying to help her out, since Theresa's not really in any shape to. But no matter what I do she just seems to slip farther and farther away from everyone.

I don't know what to do.

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