Friday, March 11, 2011

In which I fufill a friend's request

Said friend's request being that I start all the post topics from now on with 'In which'. I kind of like it, so I'm doing that.

So, I was supposed to have an interview today. But they were busy or something, so I'm supposed to come back. Which is a ridiculous pain. And it cost me like four bucks to get there and back on the metro. You know, I love public transportation but with the amount of time I use it it becomes quite a money suck.

I got a new idea for some of the scenes in the Jensen Falls pilot, so I'm pretty much reworking mass parts of the script. No, I am not stalling so that I don't have to let go of my pet project. Why do you ask?

Seriously thoug David, I will get it to you. And I'll probably have some more Jensen Falls related stuff up soon. I've just been really busy. The only time I've really got to write is when I'm taking care of Anya.

Who incidentally just woke up and claims to have had a nightmare. so I'm gonna cut this short.

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